Links to National calls

You will find on this page information on national funding initiatives related to Euphresco. Please note that the calls from this page are national calls, i.e. only research groups based in the country providing the funds are eligible for funding




Belgium: The Belgian Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, unit Contractual Research has selected 3 priority topics which may be funded in the 2017 Euphresco call from among the research priorities identified by the Euphresco members. Only for these 3 topics research proposals will be accepted. The selection of the research proposals will be performed in a one-stage process, and research proposals should provide information on applicants, their research capacity and they should describe the specific tasks of the research providers as part of the transnational research project. The invitation to submit a research proposal is open to all research providers with a statutory base in Belgium. The research proposals will be subject to peer review by a panel of experts. Funding for selected projects will be granted via a ministerial decree and a national contract, provided the topic concerned is retained in the call. If your organisation or consortium of research providers wishes to be considered for any of the research topics identified, please send the research proposal based on the templates provided and available from the Euphresco website and the FPS website