General information

To date, the projects funded by the Euphresco network concern statutory plant health i.e. regulated/quarantine/emerging pests (no general plant protection topics). Applied topics with a good chance of delivering tangible outputs might be preferred, though more strategic topics are not excluded. Upcoming emergency topics are welcome.
Euphresco seeks transnational interest or “European added value”:
- meeting the challenge of growing global trade
- pooling research budgets to provide for financial ‘critical mass’
- combining international expertise which is necessary for success
- meeting the challenge of eroding expertise at an European level

In 2017, Euphresco members have published the 2017-2022 Strategic Research Agenda to identify plant health research priorities to be addressed over the medium term through national and transnational efforts. The activities of Euphresco members will always try to synchronise with other research agendas so that:
- topics are complementary to and not overlapping with EU research frame work themes
- topics are in line with COPHS research priorities and/or EPPO priorities
- topics support EC policy need for a given pest  (e.g. DG Santé)

Among the topics selected in the past there are:

  1. Forest related topics
  2. Topics related to potato and other solanaceae
  3. Topics related to vines
  4. Topics related to other field crops
  5. Topics related to fruit production
  6. Topics on specific quarantine or emerging phytosanitary pests or taxonomic groups of pests
  7. Topics on diagnostic methods for quarantine and emerging phytosanitary pests
  8. Topics on science supporting pest risk analysis

The table below displays general information about Euphresco-funded projects:


From (minimum)

To (maximum)


2 research organisations

29 research organisations





12 months

36 months


34 000 €

650 000 €