Funding through Euphresco

Euphresco is not a research funder in itself. Euphresco supports the coordination of the activities of research funders, policy makers and research organizations that work in plant health. Euphresco supports its members throughout the identification, prioritization and implementation of trans-national research topics/projects.
Research activities commissioned through Euphresco focus on regulated and emerging plant pests. Small to medium‐size projects are commissioned to provide evidence to specific questions. The projects are not necessarily intended to deliver break‐through science and innovation, but fall into the category of explorative and applied science needed to support policy. Euphresco national contact points are available to discuss with stakeholders interested to contribute to the (research) activities undertaken under the umbrella of the network.
The process that allows the identification, prioritization and implementation of trans-national research topics/projects is presented below. Activities for the identification, prioritization and implementation of transnational topics/projects are undertaken under the guidance of Euphresco members and of the Euphresco coordinator.

Initial identification of topic suggestions: Euphresco members share with the network research ideas/topics for which they seek international collaboration. Guidance for the selection of research topics is provided in the research agenda. Scientists interested to participate in Euphresco projects should explore the possibility to be supported by the official member organisation(s) in their country or other research programme owners or managers.


Joining listed topic suggestions: members express their interest to contribute to one or more research ideas/topics.


Topic coordinator assignment: members identify, within each consortium interested in a given research idea/topic, a coordinator. The coordinator is in charge of facilitating discussions within the consortium and to lead the development of a research topic description.


Production of the topic description: under the guidance of the topic coordinators and of the Euphresco coordinator the consortia develop a short description of the aim of the research activities and of the contributions of the consortium partners to the project.


Funding decision: the organizations formalize their commitment on the topics of their interest. Organizations can participate in Euphresco projects with ad-hoc funding, alignment of existing research activities or in-kind contribution. A project is commissioned if a sufficient number of organizations commit to it.